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                                    ARTIST STATEMENT
                                                                                                                                               Sarwat Khan

Did you ever wonder how can one become an artist?
Let me share with you my story.
            It all started in the museum of Illinois Institute of Art Chicago back in 2002. Our art class was to meet up in the museum.
Amidst the visitors, I was looking for my class everywhere, but couldn’t see anyone of my classmate. All of the sudden someone hugged me from the back and congratulate me and it happened to be my teacher, she said "congrats sweetie, guess what? You have a potential buyer for your first painting you created" which was displayed in the Wings Art Gallery of COD. I was stunned, happy, and confused altogether. Momentarily, in the beautiful surrounding of beautiful paintings, I felt like I am dreaming and I m actually amongst these artist.  And this incident in fact transformed me into a real artist.

What I use to create?
            My initial source of inspiration was nature. I worked on landscapes with acrylics media. My theme changed with time but inspiration of nature remained as a form of nature of oil paintings, it became the motive, the incentive to create more and more. Its tendency to blend is so broad and yet soothing to eyes, which can easily be observer in my paintings. I used big Bristol brushes with hard and quick strokes but gradually deepness and intensity arose in my work through palette knife. I feel free and direct with using the palette knife its possibilities are limitless.

What describes my work?
           What signifies my work is the expression of time, mode, sentiment, and its justification of existence thru the choice of colors. In simple words, my subject matters are based on everyday issues of life of an individual (the struggles, happiness, love and emotions etc.) There is a variety of style in my work, which consists of abstract, expressionism, impressionism, minimalism, modernism, contemporary, classic, traditional and foremost religion. Colors have been a main theme and focal point of my work; it elucidates my subject matter, it gives birth to it, whether it’s a landscape or abstract. It shows the mood of the painting. Also, I carefully choose the size of the canvas to match it with the theme. I don’t rush to complete it or proceed without the plan; being patient always bring the rewarding result in one finish beautiful painting. You might have heard of the phrase” art is not only about aesthetic" however my work contradicts it and my colors embrace it."

My future goal and current work:
           My future goal is to progress my work with time and its requirements. I am looking to pursue it in different subject matters; “matters which matters to people”.  I want to engage with them in a bigger prospect to work with them in accordance to their needs and desires.

           I am currently working on abstract and religious work. My subject matter is to create something aesthetic, something pleasing to eye and furthermore which increases the good deeds just by looking at it. (Islamic monotheism). And my abstract theme is to express a change in time, building of colors and evolving of composition.




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